Beer ’N’ The Hood Festival
Meteorenweg 280 | Tuindorp Oostzaan | Amsterdam Noord
14:00 – 23:00
| pre-sale €12 | door €15 | children 6-18yrs €6

Friekens Tuinfeest, first organized in 2019, should have had its fourth edition this year. Friekens Brouwerij is nonetheless proud to announce version 2.0 of its own Craft Beer Festival, set for Saturday June 25th, 2022.

Friekens Tuinfeest is not just another mindless Beer Fest; sustainability, small scale and conviviality are also central. It is a specialty beer festival full of green ideas, for young and old!

Specialty beers

From 6 breweries:

Brouwerij VandeStreek


Brothers Sander and Ronald van de Streek brew modern beers and go about it with a ‘DIY’ mentality. For them and their growing team of beer geeks the beer quality is foremost. They want as much people as possible to enjoy, because their beer is brewed to drink it. Their brewery is their sandbox and they’re not done building castles yet!

More about VandeStreek

Brouwerij De Prael


De Prael believes in meaningful work. With a group of talented colleagues, their heroes, they work to craft their own beer. De Prael offers jobs to people that have trouble finding a workplace elsewhere. Not daytime activities or occupational therapy, but real, hands-on work. They’re very proud of everyone that pours and drinks their beer. Since 2001 already.

More about De Prael

Brouwerij Egmond

Egmond aan de Hoef

In 2009 the idea arose to brew organic abbey beers in Egmond. Brewery Egmond’s mission is to brew for a better world, to connect people and share their passion. Their principles are based on the concept of “people, planet, profit”, whereby the priority lies with people and the environment and financial results are only considered necessary for continuity.

More about Brouwerij Egmond

Brouwerij Homeland


At the old Marinewerf in the heart of Amsterdam, the Homelanders, as independent and idiosyncratic adventurers, give meaning to this special location in their own way. A place where craft, quality and taste sensations are combined into a series of unique beers. Homeland Brewery has won big this year for our participation in the Dutch Beer Challenge.

More about Homeland

Stadsbrouwhuis Broer & Zus


Stadsbrouwhuis Broer en Zus has a tasting room in the heart of Beverwijk, and the Broer & Zus brewing room is located in the middle of the tasting room. Not only are the 11 own beers brewed here, but also house beers for other catering establishments and for brewers who do not brew themselves. Broer & Zus attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. The spent grains are reused as feed for cows, water is used in a smart way and for the labeling they collaborate with a sheltered workshop.

More about Stadsbrouwhuis Broer & Zus

Friekens Brouwerij

Amsterdam Noord

Sid Benson has been brewing tasty specialty beers on a small scale for years. His brewery owes its name to Villa Friekens, the squatted former Kiekens machine factory on Landsmeerderdijk, where the brewery was previously located. Today, the Friekens Brewery is at home at the Noordoogst urban agricultural project, where it also hosts Tuinfeest.

More about Friekens

Special guests:

James Brews


New York City transplant James Watts is a striking homebrewer and a welcome guest at various beer festivals. With his Igloo cooler box, which has been converted into a 4-way beer tap, he pours his always special and particularly tasteful beers, which he also knows how to tell about in a tasty way. Sid and James recently brewed H.I.P.A., a ’Hazy’ or ’New England’ IPA, a recipe derived from James’s ’Hop Juice’.

De Bierkaai


De Bierkaai is an Amsterdam brewing association founded in 2015. The first and only brewing association in Amsterdam, for beer lovers, hobby brewers and brewers from the professional circuit. They tell you what they do via the website and they keep you informed of the latest news.

De Bierkaai will be brewing ‘live’ at Friekens Tuinfeest. This way you can see up close how much fun brewing is. It won’t be immediately clear how good it tastes, that usually takes a few weeks.

Meer over De Bierkaai

Live muziek

De Fanfare van de Eerste Liefdesnacht

The Fanfare of the First Love Night is a colorful Amsterdam street orchestra that specializes in music from many parts of the world. Full of fire, Love Night has been stirring things up everywhere it goes for more than 39 years. A welcome guest on theater days, parties and festivities. Subtle but intensively present at festivals and events: from Brittany to Romania, from Great Britain to Cuba, from Not-next-door to Tuindorp Oostzaan!


Milwaukee Wildmen

Milwaukee was once the beer capital of the United States, home to resounding brands such as Schlitz, Pabst and Miller. All horse piss, that beer, which, thanks in part to the equally weak (American) Budweiser, ensured that a lively micro-brewery scene arose in the US from the 1980s, where beer was brewed that did taste like something. In the Netherlands that trick has been replicated in recent years, of course due to (…), (…) and (…), well, you probably know those beer brands.

Milwaukee is also the city where the Milwaukee Wildmen are not from. They‘re (partly) from Amsterdam-North. But they’re a household name in the international psychobilly scene, from Los Angeles to Stockholm, and from Not-next-door to Tuindorp Oostzaan!

Not only Billy buffs appreciate this energetic trio. They also score highly with punks, metalheads and other scum. Because like no other they know how to mix the vibe of pure rock ’n’ roll, punk and psychobilly without falling into clichéd 3-chord pomp rock. Pure, unadulterated and uncompromising, the men, still in the same line-up, have been pounding away for more than 3 decades.

It’s not for nothing you’ll frequently hear: ”Wildmen always deliver”!


The Burners

Burners and Friekens go way back. Burners were around when Friekens Brewery was just a project out of Sid’s kitchen. Burners were there when Friekens was still an actual location, now the name is only preserved as a brand. If Sid’s brainchild, Paint & Beer, had a houseband it would probably be the Burners (hopefully).

Just like Friekens Beer, Burners are a strong mix of raw energetic music with choppy flavours, pungent nuances and multi-layered undertones. Breakbeats, songs, punkrock, noise and Dub. But Most of all: Original Music.