Unplugged Craft Beer Festival
Meteorenweg 280 Amsterdam
00:00 – 00:00

Friekens Tuinfeest is not just another beer festival; aside from craft beer it’s about sustainability, small scale, and conviviality. It’s a speciality beer festival jam packed with green ideas, for young and old!

Unfortunately in 2020 Tuinfeest could not become the yearly tradition we envisioned. For obvious reasons we decided to cancel the 2021 edition as well (thus establishing a tradition in itself!). Next year we'll try again and keep our fingers crossed.

The Friekens Brewery is located at NoordOogst and shares the same values: sustainable, green en local produce.

That’s why we try to give our festival a small as possible ecological footprint. It’s ’unplugged’: Friekens Tuinfeest is powered by solar, wind and muscles!

How this works? All entrepeneurs at NoordOogst produce locally and sustainably. This festival does too. We’re truly going ‘unplugged’ with electricity: solar trailers and windmills provide energy for foodstores, lighting and cooling.

The musical entertainment is mostly (semi-)acoustic, and will be amplified by an installation that’s powered by humans: the energy for the P.A. is generated by ’cycling’.