Beer by Friekens


Normaal Amsterdams Pils

Pilsner | Alc. 5% Vol.
A light, fruity Pilsner from Pilsner and Munich malt. Double hopped with Northern Brewer in the kettle and Simcoe and Mosaic in the whirlpool. It's a lager that ferments at 12ยบ C.

The result is Pilsner as Pilsner should taste. Normal Pilsner. Handcrafted in Amsterdam Noord.


American Pale Ale

Pale Ale | Alc. 5,5% Vol.
Triple hopped blond Pale Ale of Pilsner and Munich malt and American yeast. Hopped with Columbus in the kettle for bitterness, and with Mount Hood in the whirlpool and the dry-hop during secondary fermentation for aroma. Re-ferments in the bottle.

Result is a Bold Beer that's not afraid of Large Gestures: American Pale Ale. From Amsterdam.


Philosopher's Ale

Real Ale | Alc. 4% Vol.
Quadruple hopped Real Ale of a complex mix of Pale Ale Malt, Cara, Special B, wheat and roasted barley. Hopped with Brewer's Gold during mashing and twice in the kettle, and again in the whirlpool with Mosaic. Fermented with English yeast.

What came out is a heady brew for thinking people: amber, hoppy, with tones of blackkberry and caramel. Very English indeed, handcrafted in Amsterdam Noord.


India Pale Ale

Pale Ale | Alc. 6,6% Vol.


Amsterdams Real Ale

Real Ale | Alc. 4,5% Vol.


Dark Side

Real Ale | Alc. 4,5% Vol.

The Friekens Brewery

For years, Friekens has been brewing special beers on a small scale. Despite the small quantities Friekens beer gained a select following as it was on tap on such (sub-)cultural festivals as Robodock, Jetlag and Paint & Beer. Now the capacity has increased tenfold Friekens beer may not be ready for world domination, but a broader audience at the very least. → read more