I.P.A. rebranded following protest of upset Hindu

Amsterdam craft brewery Friekens proudly presents the newly designed label of its India Pale Ale.

It’s the result of a chain of events started by a press release issued in May 2019 by ‘Hindu statesman’ Rajan Zed from Reno, Nevada, U.S.A.

In the press release Zed, flying the flag of the ‘Universal Society of Hinduism’, stated that the use of the image of Ganesh on the label of Friekens’ I.P.A. is ‘highly inappropriate’. According to him linking a deity to an alcoholic beverage is ‘very disrespectful’ and ‘deeply trivializing’ of ‘immensely venerated’ Ganesh, in the meantime implying he was speaking on behalf of Hinduism’s 1.1 billion adherents.

The press release got picked up by Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, which published an article on its website, and asked the brewery to comment. It stated, by word of a startled associate, that it never meant to offend anyone, that an apology would be issued and that the label would be removed from the website.

the old label …

On its website, Friekens Brouwerij advertised its I.P.A. as a ‘nectar of the gods’ that’s ‘an almost transcendental apparition of intense taste experience’, and ‘beer that Ganesh, the sympathetic Hindu deity with the elephant’s head, looks down upon in inebriated benevolence’. After the protest, Ganesh was blurred on the label as shown on the site, and the reference in the text was blacked out.

Rajan Zed immediately issued a triumphant new press release, which by and large repeated his former, adding that companies should have their ‘senior executives’ trained in religious and cultural sensitivity.

… and the new one

Friekens, truly a micro-brewery, doesn’t have such a management structure, and isn’t planning on getting one. I.P.A. got brewed only once up to then. Only now it returns to Friekens’ assortment, with its new label. Although this again sports a fat bloke with an elephant’s head, it’s explicitly not Ganesh.

Friekens I.P.A., meanwhile, is as tasty as before, and will undoubtedly be favoured by all deities, of any religion, and their followers alike!

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Friekens Brouwerij is not the first brewery sporting an image of an Indian deity on the label of its India Pale Ale, and certainly won’t be the last. It’s a pretty obvious choice, after all.

‘They’re like comic book figures’, sais a spokesperson of GRAFX MFG, Friekens Brouwerij’s Amsterdam graphic design studio. ‘Nice drawings, colorful, four, six, eight or even more arms and legs, instantly recognizable as Indian.’ Especially Ganesh, the sympathetic Hindu deity with the elephant head, is popular among beer brewers. ‘You could say there’s some convergence with alcohol and elephants.’

That a pressure group would be upset about the use of Ganesh on the label of Friekens I.P.A. came as a surprise. But if reproaches are religiously motivated, one should tread carefully. We’ve all seen images of outraged flag burning masses of bearded (mostly) men demanding compensation for the wrongs they or what they believe to be holy have been done. ‘It’s strange how the religious always require respect for their faith, but hardly ever seem to be willing to do likewise for other beliefs or convictions.’

Friekens Brouwerij was targeted by the Universal Society of Hinduism. ‘Darn, that’s something! A Universal Society! Doesn’t that suggest this organization not only represents the 1.1 billion Hindus here on earth, but also those across the universe? God (…) only knows how many are out there!’

This couldn’t be further from the truth, because the USofH is ‘not a membership organization’. It’s the vehicle of Rajan Zed, self-declared ‘Hindu statesman’ from Reno, Nevada, USA. And it’s not the first time this one man action group been at it, as some googling learns. Friekens indeed wasn’t the first, a lot of micro breweries came up with the same idea. Images of Hindu deities also appeared on door mats, duvet covers, and leggings. Shoe company Converse printed the cover of Jimi Hendrix’ Axis: Bold As Love, on which the nimble guitarist is pictured amidst Hindu deities, on its All Stars sneakers (The album cover has been banned in Malaysia since 2012).

Zed always follows the same procedure; he issues press releases in which he takes offense and leaves it to (local) media to fuel the outrage and have the perpetrators express remorse. More often than not, Zed quickly gets what he wants this way, the product is discontinued and excuses are made.

‘If it were up to me, he wouldn’t have gotten his way. I’m with Richard Dawkins, who sees religion as a delusion. There’s no need to have respect for that. If anything, pity, maybe. And it’s not like Hinduism is one of the most pleasant religions out there, just take a look at what’s ailing Modi’s India.’

‘Cultural appropriation? No, I’m not that woke. In a globalized world, culture will be appropriated back and forth. To me it’s public domain. It’s not as if India doesn’t borrow from Western culture as well, and in India you see deities depicted on all kinds of businesses, like banks, workshops, and restaurants.’

‘Gaddha’ has a personal message for Rajan Zed, which he shows by means of a hand gesture.

‘I think a deity on a beer label is fair game. Indeed, religion and Friekens Brouwerij do have a fair bit in common: they’re both in the business of opiate for the masses! But the decision wasn’t mine to make, so Ganesh had to go.

‘That’s why on the new label we also have an obese dude with what appears to be an elephant’s head, but it explicitly is not Ganesh. If anything we have sort of a hybrid holyness here. A combination of Buddha and Ganesh. Bunesh as it were, or better yet: Gaddha. Inna Gaddha Da Vida, Baby!

(Opinions expressed by GRAFX MFG are not necessarily endorsed by Friekens Brouwerij.)

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A couple of breweries also targeted by Rajan Zed:

Beer by Friekens


Normaal Amsterdams Pils

Alc. 5% Vol. | IBU 35 | EBC 8

Double hopped pilsner, bottom fermented at 12° C

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Pilsner as pilsner should taste. Normal pilsner, from Amsterdam! A bit cocky, wears its heart on its sleeve, but cheerful and easy going. Hoppy, fruity and light, a good companion to pleasantly pass time with.

Brewed from Pilsner and Munich malt and double hopped with Northern Brewer in the kettle and Simcoe and Mosaic in the whirlpool. Bottom fermented at 12º C.

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American Pale Ale

Pale Ale
Alc. 5,5% Vol. | IBU 40 | EBC 12

Triple hopped blonde Pale Ale with American yeast and hops.

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A bold beer that’s not afraid of large gestures. It’s ballsy and brash. Loudly hoppy, screamingly fresh and broadly bitter, a brew that will make American Pale Ale great again.

Triple hopped blonde Pale Ale from Pilsner and Munich malts and American yeast. Hopped in the kettle with Columbus for bitterness, and for aroma with Simcoe and Mosaic in the whirlpool and dry-hop.

It’s great. Really great. Just great. Again.

bottle4 bottles12 bottles
€ 2,75€ 11€ 27,50


India Pale Ale

Pale Ale
Alc. 6,6% Vol. | IBU 60 | EBC 15

A proper I.P.A., triple hopped with large quantities of hops.

More about I.P.A.

The elephant in the room: nothing about this crisp, tasty beer is careful or subtle. It’s a proper I.P.A., full bodied and full flavored, heavily hoppy with intensely fresh citrus aromas taking center stage.

Brewed from Pilsner and Munich malt, and hopped with vast amounts of Simcoe, Centennial, Citra and Amarillo. This certainly isn’t beer for the faint of heart.

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€ 3,00€ 12€ 30

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The Bright Side

Session Ale
Alc. 4,4% Vol. | IBU 45 | EBC 8

A light blonde triple hopped Session Ale with a sunny character.

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A gay, light hearted, straw blonde ale for those who see stuff from the sunny side.

Brewed of Pilsner, Pale Ale, and Cara malts, hopped with Columbus, Bramling Cross, and Fuggles, and dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc. This results in hints of passion fruit, citrus, pineapple, grape, and lemongrass.

A light summer beer that happily wags its tail, but is impressively muscular nonetheless.

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€ 2,75€ 11€ 27,50


Bass Activated Saison

Alc. 6,5% Vol.

Saison from malt and spelt, activated with dramatic drums and bellowing basstones.

More about B.A.S.

This Saison is ‘bass-activated’: by way of low frequency sound waves from Friekens’ own sound system the yeast has been kept in suspension for the first 72 hours in the tank. This process ensures a prolonged and more thorough fermentation.

Brewed from Pilsner malt and spelt, hopped with Brewers Gold, East Kent Goldings and Hallertau Blanc, enriched with Curaçao orange peel and fermented with Belle Saison yeast.

A classic Saison-‘nose’, refreshing, pleasant citrus tones and a dry finish make this an especially tasty Saison.

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€ 3,00€ 12€ 30



Wheat beer
Alc. 5,2% vol.

’Wit’- or wheat beer, Belgian style. Refreshing, slightly hazy, but clear of taste and character.

More about WIT

’Wit’ is not only the color white in Dutch, but also ’wheat’ in old Flemish. Friekens Wit is yellow, as beer should be. A refreshing Belgian style wheat beer, slightly hazy but clear of taste and character.

Ingredients: Pilsner-, München-, and wheat malt, oat flakes. Hops: Brewer’s Gold and Northern brewer. Coriander, camomile, and mandarin peel. Fermented with Lallemand Belgian Wit.

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