The Friekens brewery

Tasty beer, brewed with love. Friekens doesn’t focus on high levels of alcohol or lavish use of strange fruit, but on natural ingredients and pure taste. Friekens brews beers based on traditional recipes with only the best malt, barley and/or wheat, hops, yeast and the unsurpassed Amsterdam tapwater.

Fresh and clean, with secundary fermentation in bottle or keg. Double, triple, sometimes quadruple(!) hopped for precisely the right bitterness an the tastiest aroma’s. And filled with care into bottles or kegs, so the beer reaches the beerlover in optimal condition!

The Friekens brewery has been brewing specialty beers on a small scale for years, initially at ADM and later in the squatted industrial complex Villa Friekens in Amsterdam Noord. Friekens gained notoriety in (sub-)cultural circles as house brewer (and co-conspirator) of various festivals at ADM (like Robodock) and the street art-festival Paint And Beer.

The ’Proost’ beer garden and the Friekens brewery

Nowadays the Friekens brewery is based at urban farm project Noordoogst in Tuindorp Oostzaan, in the former dressing rooms of a sports club, with an adjacent beer garden. On the side of the building, in an abundantly remodeled shipping container, sits the brewhouse of Friekens. Inside you’ll find the shiny inox of the modern brewing setup, which increased the brewery’s capacity tenfold.

It’s here brewer Sid Benson brews from natural ingredients exclusively, without any artificial junk, using artisanal methods, delicious Friekens beer, that’s bottled and packaged or filled into kegs on the spot.