Philosopher’s Ale

Real Ale
Alc. 4.8% Vol. | IBU 30 | EBC 30

Real Ale from a complex mix of malt, wheat, barley and corn. Fermented with English Ale-yeast.

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A heady brew for thinking people: dark, but clear of character, full-bodied but with a nimble aftertaste, malt forward but light-footed. Chestnut coloured, with tones of blackberry, dark fruit, and a slight hint of coffee, but fresh and hoppy nonetheless.

Real Ale of a complex mix of malt, wheat, roasted barley, and corn. Quadruple hopped with Brewer’s Gold and Northern Brewer during mashing and twice in the kettle, and again in the whirlpool with Mosaic. Fermented with English yeast.

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